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 Bwydlen Amser Cinio 

Amser Cinio yn Ysgol Sant Ffransis

School lunches at St. Francis School are provided by Pembrokeshire County Council's School Catering Service who is dedicated to providing children in our County with a nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime.  An infants meal costs £2.45

and a juniors costs £2.55 (from September 2019)

More information can be found on their website:

Click on the document below to view our current lunchtime menu.

10 reasons to choose Lennie's school lunches

  1. Healthy balanced meal daily

  2. Using quality products - many locally sourced

  3. Value for money

  4. Convenience - time saved in the morning plus there's no worry about keeping food fresh and hygienic until lunch

  5. Eating together - makes lunchtime fun and enjoyable and improves social skills

  6. Prepared and created by fully trained staff

  7. Children are encouraged to try a variety of different foods

  8. Traditionally cooked and freshly prepared

  9. Our purchasing policy ensures our suppliers are quality checked

  10. Be part of the whole school approach to health and wellbeing