Breakfast Club 

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 Clwb Brecwast 

The Breakfast Club at St.Francis school begins at 8am and runs until 8:45am. It provides a healthy start to the day and ensures that children get the right nutritional balanced diet which will maximise and enhance their capacity to learn. Our Club will offer a range of enriching experiences that are unavailable within the classroom and will seek to stimulate, enhance, engage, excite and create enjoyment that enables children to learn from practical first hand experiences. No breakfast will be served after 8.25am. This allows staff five minutes to tidy resources away and prepare to take the pupils to class for 8.45am when they are joined by teaching staff.

The purpose of our club is:

· to provide children will a nutritious start to the day

· to ensure that children have a rich and varied menu of activities

· to have experiences that are not available within the classroom

· to develop pupils social and emotional intelligence and to encourage self- esteem and independence

· to ensure that pupils have a prompt start to the day

· to minimise attendance issues

· to ensure equality of access to all pupils in spite of age, race, disability and religion

· to encourage and develop a high standard of work within and out of the classroom.

Broad Guidelines


1. We follow the Welsh Government’s Guidance for the management and setting up of a Breakfast Club.

2. All staff who manage the club have been trained on food hygiene and hold relevant certifications.

3. Appropriate risk assessments for Breakfast Club activities have been carried out to safeguard pupils.

4. All appropriate recruitment safeguarding measures and induction procedures have been undertaken.

5. Children are registered as soon as they enter the Breakfast Club.

6. All appropriate documentation for each child has been completed, parental consent form and Home/School Agreement.

7. The Club has developed its behaviour management strategies that are in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy.

9. The Senior Supervisor will monitor the effectiveness of the club, breakfast delivery and menu of activities.

11. The Senior Supervisor will ensure that appropriate food resources are available each day to run the Club.

12. The Breakfast Club staff will ensure that the school facilities will be left in a tidy and clean fashion after usage and that all equipment is appropriately stored.